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print sizes & prices


8 up wallet8.508.50
11 x1414.5014.50
11 x1617.0017.00
16 x2033.0033.00
16 x2449.0049.00


 Order $50 in prints and receive 5% off your order!

Order $75 and over in prints and receive 10% off your order!!!



What is the difference between lustre and glossy paper?


Glossy is smooth like glass. It is delicate but yields the highest saturation, finest detail, deepest blacks and blues, reddest reds etc. Problem is, if you touch it with dirty fingers, the smudges will show. That can be cleaned.

Lustre and a string of such names denotes paper that has a texture of small bubbles so as to not easily show fingerprints. People photographers like it because dirty finger don't show up once the print is passed around. Lustre paper is the premier paper most preferred by portrait and wedding photographers and is considered more of a professional-grade paper. Lustre is often considered the finish “between” matte and glossy, and has a slight gloss with a subtle, often pearl-like texture. Lustre paper has a deeper color-saturization than matte as well as a higher contrast.


 I highly recommend the lustre texture over glossy!



Mounting Substrates from top to bottom:


Matboard:  A heavyweight, dry mount board provides mounting at an economical price. Due to the nature of fiber based board, some warping will occur, therefore we do not offer sizes larger than 16x20. Styrene board is a wonderful replacement for Matboard when it comes to larger print sizes.


Styrene    Styrene is a plastic mounting board 2mm thick. Standard color is white. We find this to be one of the best mounting substrates available and are pleased to offer it at very economical prices.


Foamboard     Foamboard is 1/4" thick foam-centered board coated with a tough white plastic shell.


Masonite    Standard 1/8" hardboard masonite. This traditional mounting surface provides a heavy duty, rigid, hard and long lasting substrate.


Canvas Stretcher Frame    


Standout     Standout is a thick lightweight board finished with a black plastic edge and comes ready to display with hanging holes on the backside.  Standout is available in two depths, 3/4" and 1-1/2", and nothing extra needs to be done to prepare for display. Please note, delivery times can be longer than normal with this product.


 please inquire about detailed prices if interested!


 Sample prices for Canvas Stretcher Frame  

8x8        62.50

8x10      62.50

10x20    86.50 

10x30  106.05

11x14    78.75

11x16    76.12

16x20    86.50

Sample prices for Standout 3/4" thick

10x20    69.35

11x14    51.00

16x20    75.36

16x24    82.81

and 1 1/2" thick

16x24    117.50

20x24    125.93


The popular Gallery Canvas  are priced at:

8x10 82.75

10x10 86.50

10x20 105.50

10x30 124.50

11x14 95.50

14x14 103.50

14x30 140.50

16x16 113.00

16x20 123.00 

16x24 134.00

16x30 148.50


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